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TMDHosting Review

The web hosting world is full of scams and fake reviews. I have decided to write a *positive* review of a hosting company, namely TMD hosting. I have added some references where other people on the internet match my account.

Choosing the wrong hosting company signifies an online business failure as your visitors will always be discouraged from visiting your website again after having the first bad experience. The need to have a high-quality web hosting service has therefore made TMDHosting to be very popular on the internet.

A Great Journey

TMDHosting is a popular web hosting company based in Los Angeles, CA. The company is one of the industry leaders and has been operating since 2007. After having built a solid reputation for customer support and reliability in the shared hosting market, the company has now delved into other areas like dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting.

Since then, TMDHosting has been growing every year with different parts of the world. The company also runs a call center in other parts of the US with many satellite technicians here and there.

Important Stuff

This is one of the TMDHosting reviews you need to read because some important things are revealed here. These are some of them:

  1. Quality of web hosting service – TMDHosting has many web hosting packages for both small and big businesses. You will also come across packages for e-commerce and multi-media, in addition to the hosting for information/educational sites. If you are just starting online, the company has shared hosting to host unlimited websites. If you have a lot of businesses, TMDHosting also has dedicated servers to meet your requirements. If you cannot afford that, there are many mixed hosting options in-between.
  1. Reliability – We discovered that TMDHosting is a reliable web hosting company. The reason is that the company is generous with its data transfers and storage. This means that your website will never be down, or would you need to be afraid of security breaches.
  1. Every web hosting package of TMDHosting comes with software worth more than $800.00. The software includes the ones to create a photo backup, your own logo, and many other cool tools. There are tools that also enable you to update your website from any part of the world.
  1. Control panel tools – TMDHosting provides hosting with control panel with different scripts to create and manage your websites. Some of them are Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby On Rails, SSI and Customizable error pages, in addition to the Fantastico script library which enables you to install the different software suites. You will also have software for blogs, forum, content management, guestbook, project management auction, wiki, classifieds and so on.
  1. Cheap – TMDHosting provides shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans that are very cheap. You will always have a nice value for your money. A hosting plan starts from as low as $5 per month and you will always enjoy the service. Of course, there are some other companies with cheaper rates, but the service is what makes the difference. TMDHosting provides rich packages backed with excellent infrastructure, in addition to excellent customer service and support. For the cheap price, you will get highly skilled and talented employees who are ready to attend to your needs.

I have written this review after careful study of what the company provides. If you really want to have a profitable online business, you should always look for the company that provides the service that will meet the challenges of your business.

The secret to success starts from choosing a reliable web hosting service, and that can be found in TMDHosting.



TMD Hosting is routinely ranked as one of the top web hosting companies in the US. Their strongest point is support. They can lack a bit with uptime but that’s anecdotal and personally I haven’t seen proof of that.