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My A2 Hosting Review: A Look at Crucial Elements

ver the course of the last two month I’ve been experimenting with A2 Hosting, so it’s about time to put my thoughts on ‘paper’. I signed up to test the Swift Shared hosting service as I think this is the most widely used service. Services The shared hosting that I’ve tried offers basically all the […]

TMDHosting Review

The web hosting world is full of scams and fake reviews. I have decided to write a *positive* review of a hosting company, namely TMD hosting. I have added some references where other people on the internet match my account. Choosing the wrong hosting company signifies an online business failure as your visitors will always be […]

CSS and PHP: Switching Themes

A couple of years ago I was asked to provide a very interesting feature to a mobile website. What I was asked to do was create in interface that would allow users to create their own themes. The catch was that it wasn’t just about loading different stylesheets, it was about each user having complete […]

What Makes a Website Trusted?

You wouldn’t design your letterhead without your name, address and phone numbers, so it’s surprising how many business web pages don’t even include the company name, logo (if any) and contact information. Business or site identity and contact information should be included on every page. In addition, you may wish to include phone numbers and the company […]

No Nonsense iPage Web Hosting Review

iPage has some major advantages over other shared hosting providers in the same price range. Both email AND toll free phone support are available 24/7. They have no setup fee, even if you only want monthly billing (most cheap hosts only waive the setup fee if you pay yearly). And since they are on a […]

How to Build an Online Community

Last week, we looked at designing pages to promote an individual book or a series. One of the most effective ways to promote a series, and the author, is by building an onlne community around the series, the author or the subject area. Community Building Enhancements Like any other business, writers, particularly series or genre writers, […]

Instant Graphics — Royalty Free Image Sources

Poor quality, cheap graphics reflect poorly on your business — and they’re completely unnecessary. There are a number of excellent sources for reasonably priced, high quality images for your site and collateral material. You want “royalty free” artworks and photography. This means that you can use the images on your web site or in your print […]

Thinking Differently about Macs

I’ve used Dos and then Windows computers since the 80’s, but I’ve had to work with a number of operating systems and hardware at various companies including several versions of Unix, Linux and Macintosh. The majority of development systems in my office run Linux and Unix, but the graphics and web tools I use daily are […]

An Essential Reference for Webmasters

Webmaster in a NutShell by Stephan Spainhour & Robert Eckstein answers all those geeky questions like server configuration settings, all the valid attributes of an HTML tag, configuring Apache for server side includes and so on. Even if you aren’t planning to actually deal with these arcane issues, it can be handy to know what exactly all […]